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Hello and welcome to the Dedham Players website. The Dedham Players is one of the leading local amateur theatre  groups drawing on the Colchester, North Essex and South Suffolk regions. We produce 2 to 3 productions a year and always strive to present an interesting variety of shows and display lots of local talent.


by Richard Bean

Wed 25 to Sat 28 October at 7:45pm

Directed by Ian Amos


 Mon 26 June at 7:45pm,

Assembly Rooms, Dedham.

If you cannot attend but are interested

in auditioning/being considered

please email Ian Amos : ianamos50@gmail.com

A fast-paced physical comedy with lots of run-around slapstick humour, closely based on Goldoni’s ‘The Servant of Two Masters’ (which some of you may remember Dedham performing as the open air production in 2002). Bean sets the play in Brighton in April 1963, among criminals both local and those hitting the seaside from London. The acting style will be quite stylised, a little exaggerated. At least 6 men and 3 women. Possibility of additional cast for cameo roles.

FRANCIS 30 – 50  Gets by doing a bit of this and a bit of that. A little thick but wordly wise – the typical ‘fool’. Lots of physical humour. Very much the lead role. He pulls off being the servant to two masters – among many others things….craving food – and then craving love.

RACHEL 30+ Strong. Moral. She dresses as her dead brother (Roscoe Crabbe) for most of the play. In love with Stanley. The other master. 2nd lead.

STANLEY 30+ A bit of a hooray Henry – in love with Rachel. Killed her brother accidently and on the run – to Brighton. One of the two masters.

DOLLY  30 – 50. Charlie’s loyal bookkeeper. Brassy. Quite up on the new feminism which is coming in. But needs a man – and that sometimes wins.

LLOYD  40+ Minor criminal, admired by all, loyal. Learnt most things – good and bad – in Parkhurst it would seem. Including being a great cook which led him to run the pub that the two masters stay at. This part is written to be played by a West Indian – but it will probably be necessary to tweak it.

CHARLIE 50+  The head of the family. Minor Mafia. Hard-nosed, not be to be crossed, cares a lot about his daughter.

PAULINE 25+  Charlie’s daughter. In love with Alan. Not bright. Straight-forward and good natured. Promised to Roscoe Crabbe as a ‘deal’ but as the play starts she is getting engaged to Alan as Roscoe is dead – only to be confronted by the dead Roscoe (Rachel). Distraught at finding her marriage of convenience is back on.

ALAN  25+ Wants to be an actor – and acts like one! Madly in love with Pauline. Lives life as though it is a play and not real at all.

HARRY  50+ Alan’s father. Posh, eccentric. Slightly corrupt solicitor to Charlie.

ALFIE  70+ possibly a double with Harry. Comical old man waiter. Slow walking and shaking. Lots of fun had with his newly fitted pace maker.

GARETH 40+ Another waiter. Possibly a double with Alan .

Lots of cameo parts – couple at seaside, vicar, two policemen, old lady, taxi driver etc that may be filled by doubling or using additional cast members.

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Richard Bean

Wed 25th

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